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Orbit - Rising Stem Ball Valve

The ORBIT® Rising Stem Ball Valve offers a unique, highly-reliable valve with positive shut-off and repeated re-sealing capability. The key to the success of the valve is the rising stem that retracts the ball from its seat before turning, so that the seat is protected from wear and degradation from the rotation.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple sizes and pressure ratings

  • Raised face flange

  • -155 deg F to 800 deg F (-104 deg C to 427 deg C) operating temperatures

  • Applications include hot oil systems, mole sieve dryers and equipment isolation

  • Unique design mechanically energizes seal by cam action

  • Single-seat design

  • Bi-directional sealing with zero leakage

  • Injectable packing

  • Self-cleaning

  • In-line repairable

Common Applications