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Modulating Control-Ball Valve - V Series

Maximum flow capacities (Cv's) of Flo-Tite's V-type control valves are substantially larger than other throttling globe type control valves. Optional equipment includes the V Series Positioner is designed for simple and precise positioning.

Features and Benefits

  • Higher flow capacities

  • Excellent repeatability

  • Bubble-tight shut-off

  • Controllable flow rates

  • Non-clogging flow streams for general and slurry applications

  • Compact control package

  • High pressure drop capability with straight through flow

  • Self-compensating live-loaded stem picking

  • Maintenance is as easy as changing a standard seat

  • High temperature ball seats

  • Pneumatically or electrically controlled, 3-15 PSI or 4-20 MA

  • Matched ball and stem

  • Economical low operating cost

Common Applications

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