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  • General Manager: Ernie Samson
  • Phone Number: 413-568-2461

Chalmers & Kubeck-North (Monarch Valve), www.candknorth.com , In May of 1999 Chalmers and Kubeck, Inc - Aston, PA in effect acquired the resources of Monarch Valve, Walden/Ferguson Industries, and Atlantic Valve; companies with longstanding and outstanding reputations for high quality valve rebuilding that had been servicing an area encompassing New York City, upstate New York and the Northeast for nearly 30 years.

The number of skilled supervisors, valve technicians, and machinists has grown to the current total of 35 full-time employees. OEM affiliations result in the ability to provide factory trained technicians for specialized work. The 15,000 square feet facility includes a fully equipped machine shop; 10-ton overhead cranes; safety valve high pressure steam, air, and liquid test capability; ample work/laydown space; and inside storage areas for new valve, and replacement parts inventories. Twelve service vehicles; and two fully equipped 48' machining trailers which provide on site machining services, as required; support field service commitments.


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