C&K South - Services

Line Valve Service and Repair

Chalmers & Kubeck - South provides high quality repair and testing of valves of all types. Gate, Globe, Check, Pressure Seal, Butterfly, Plug, Ball, Knife Gate, Wye-Pattern, Stop-Check, and Diaphragm Valves are all routinely serviced by C&K - South service centers. Whether the valve is manually operated or has a sophisticated valve actuation system, our technicians will take total responsibility for the expert diagnosis and repair of the complete package. Factory authorizations from Limitorque, Masoneilan, Consolidated, and others make CKS uniquely qualified to service all flow control equipment.

Pressure Seal steam isolation valves are a C&K - South specialty. We work closely with our customers and provide the most current technology to facilitate repairs. Graphite pressure seal rings have become the industry standard and C&K is leading the way with state-of-the-art retrofits. CKS aggressively embraces industry standards such as ASME B16.34, API-621, API-622, ASME Section IX, API 598, ASME B31.1, and NBIC – NB23. Highly skilled technicians receive the latest training to insure Best in Class valve repair service, regardless of the complexity. This is especially true when servicing high pressure steam letdown valves such as Masoneilan “Lincoln Log ™”, CCI DRAG® valves, Fisher® CVX or TBX valves, etc.

CKS also provides in-place machining services, ASME Code Certified welding, pipe-fitting, and packing removal services supported by eight (8) strategically located service centers. A fleet of mobile repair trailers and service trucks insure that we are fully equipped when we arrive at your work site.

Our exclusive world class digital documentation via ValvKeep® and VK Viewer is unparalleled in our industry. Manual Line Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Motor Operated Valves, and Control Valves; VK provide state of the art documentation to insure a complete history of EVERY repair activity. Photo documentation and “real time” data input maximizes the visibility of each repair event and allows for total traceability. Valve/actuator data is available 24/7 via a secure internet portal from anywhere in the world. Countless CKS customers count on ValvKeep® to assist them with their OSHA compliance needs and to enhance the reliability of their process units.