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Actuator Service and Repair

Chalmers & Kubeck - South technicians provide our customers with expert, efficient, and comprehensive service throughout the East Coast. Our five (5) Limitorque Blue Ribbon® service centers and vast inventory of replacement OEM parts makes us uniquely qualified in the valve actuation industry. Each expert technician is required to meet stringent factory standards prior to certification. Our services include field troubleshooting, actuator refurbishment, turnkey retrofits, and control enhancement.

Limitorque Valve Actuator OEM Parts and Service Chalmers & Kubeck - South technicians are also capable of servicing EIM, Rotork, AUMA, and other valve actuators of all types and configuration. Valve repair and testing, complete gearbox refurbishment, pump repair, and field machining are also part of our service offering. 

Chalmers & Kubeck - South is your best resource for Limitorque® approved parts and service.

We provide your best assurance that the high quality of your Limitorque actuators and controls will be properly maintained. As the authorized Blue Ribbon Service Center, we are trained and certified to handle both routine and on-call servicing needs. When downtime can cost you thousands per minute, why settle for anything less than Limitorque quality parts and service?

C&K Limitorque Service on SMBOur facilities are well equipped to service or repair any Limitorque actuator. Our skilled technicians follow factory tested procedures and use only genuine Limitorque parts. With state-of-the-art machinery and a comprehensive parts inventory, we provide a high level of service befitting the best valve actuators in the world. We're also ready to respond quickly when you need help at your plant. This on-call service, plus meticulous attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of Limitorque products are all important reasons why we were certified as a Blue Ribbon Service Center.

When you selected Limitorque, you purchased top quality actuators and controls. Our job is to maintain that quality. When so much can depend on a single actuator, insist on Limitorque authorized parts and service. Contact Chalmers & Kubeck - South, your Limitorque certified Blue Ribbon Service Center.

A $10 part can cost you thousands...

Counterfeit actuator parts can be extremely costly - even dangerous. Limitorque certified Blue Ribbon Service Centers provide the parts and service that keep your valve actuators operating at Limitorque's high standards.

Blue Ribbon technicians are factory trained experts on all types of Limitorque actuators. These skilled technicians use only genuine Limitorque parts to maintain the high quality standards of your Limitorque actuators.

To minimize costly downtime, call Chalmers & Kubeck - South; because when it comes right down to it, keeping your plant running smoothly and safely is the way you really save money.

Look for the Blue Ribbon.
Your guarantee of Limitorque-approved parts and service