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Mastergear Valve Actuators:

Chalmers & Kubeck - South is the largest master stocking distributor for Mastergear® in the world and can provide quality Mastergear® Valve Gear Drive Actuators at a moments notice. This revolutionary stocking program makes Mastergear® product IMMEDIATELY available from domestic stock with the full support of the massive Mastergear® USA family. We have in excess of $300,000.00 in new Mastergear® actuators and accessories along with factory trained application specialists and service technicians. Strategically located, we are available 24/7 to provide prompt, factory authorized repair service and/or valve adaptation in both our shops or at the customer's plant site.

C&K - South - East Coast Master Stocking Distributor
<a href="/products/98-series">98 Series</a>

98 Series

High strength aluminum alloy construction with 4 frame sizes up to 9000 in.-lbs.(1,000 Nm) of output torque. This all-purpose product line has long been a favorite of butterfly valve makers.

Mastergear - 9800 Series Technical Data Sheet Mastergear - 9800 Series Technical Data Sheet (35 KB)

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<a href="/products/bevel-gear-actuators">Bevel Gear Actuators</a>

Bevel Gear Actuators

For gate valves and sluice gates with rugged cast iron construction in 11 frame sizes up to 264,000 in.-lbs. (31,000 Nm) of output torque and 675,000 lbs. (3,000 kN) of thrust

Mastergear - Bevel Gear Actuators-Brochure Mastergear - Bevel Gear Actuators-Brochure (3367 KB)

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<a href="/products/declutch">Declutch</a>


Designed for manual override of pneumatic and hydraulic quarter turn actuators with 3 different designs and 23 models, up to 1.0 million in.-lbs.(114,000 Nm) of output torque.

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<a href="/products/m-series">M Series</a>

M Series

Cast or Ductile iron construction. High performance series with 21 frame sizes up to 2.5 million in.-lbs.(270,000 Nm) of output torque. Also offered to AWWA specifications.

Mastergear - M Series Technical Data Sheet Mastergear - M Series Technical Data Sheet (58 KB)

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<a href="/products/se-series">SE Series</a>

SE Series

Cast iron/stamped steel construction. Economy series with 3 frame sizes up to 9000 in.-lbs. (1,000 Nm) of output torque

Mastergear - SE Series Brochure Mastergear - SE Series Brochure (154 KB)

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