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Safety Valves and Saftey Relief Valves and Service - Consolidated Valves OEM Parts and SErvices

Safety Relief Valves

We are proud to be recognized as a long standing member and leader of the Green Tag Network(GTC).Not only does GTC signify the quality of our factory trained valve technicians and vast inventories, but it indicates the faith placed in us by GE Consolidated®, the leading Safety Valve manufacturer, to represent and support their line. We are eager to show you the difference that "Best in Class" means to your business via our Consolidated ValvFAST® service. Our industry leading ValvKeep® asset managementsoftware insures complete documentation and compliance assistance for all pressure relief valve services provided.

Control Valves and Service - Masoneilan OEM Parts and Service

Control Valves

Just as with our Safety Valve services, we are also a Masoneilan®Authorized Representative and Repair Center (M.A.R.C.). After decades of leading our market with the Consolidated® Safety Valve brand, we were asked by the OEM to embrace the historical Masoneilan® Control Valve Line. Now we extend our "Best in Class" Masoneilan ValvFAST® service by stocking control valves, OEM parts, and providing Factory Trained Service for the Masoneilan® Control Valve line in addition to our already outstanding Control Valve services for other manufacturers. Our industry leading ValvKeep® asset managementsoftware insures complete documentation and compliance assistance for all Control Valve services provided.

Electronic Motor Valve Actuators - Limitorque Specialist

Electric Motor Valve Actuators

A key product line to our success across the Southeast has always been Limitorque® Valve Actuation Systems. With more in-house Knowledge and experience than any other company, we epitomize what it means to be a Limitorque® Blue Ribbon Service Center. Huge inventories of new Limitorque® actuators and OEM replacement parts along with parts and service for legacy actuators makes us unique in the marketplace and a vital resource. We have in-house TORQUE and THRUST testing capabilities and provide a three (3) year warranty on each actuator rebuilt. Our ValvKeep®data base provides complete documentation of all repairs and tests.

Strategic locations throughout Southeast


24/7/365 describes how our customers run their facilities and we are committed to BE THERE FOR THEM. We have strategically located our facilities throughout the southeast and up the Atlantic seaboard. With six (6) facilitiesfrom Florida to Virginia and an additional five (5) in PA, MA, and NJ, are a testament to this commitment. Most facilities have ASME and National Board stamps with complete steam, air, and water testing capabilities. In-house machining is our hallmark and is unequalled in our industry. During large maintenance outages, we have multiple mobile machine and repair trailers that can bring our services directly to the plant site staffed by some of the highest trained technicians PERIOD.

Investing in our people to provide Best in Class service to our customers


Our employees truly are a greatest asset. It begins with a great attitude and a passion for our customers and then extends to vast amounts of training and manufacturer certifications. Each person wants to EXCEED customer expectations and not just meet them; our quest for “Best in Class” has true meaning to each team member. The final phrase of our mission statement says it all; “ . . . while ensuring CORPORATE INEGRITY, EMPLOYEE SAFETY, and CUSTOMER LOYALTY”.

Industry leaders in compliance with tools such as Valvkeep


When there is no second chance we are there for you; especially when it comes to compliance assistance. OSHA Process Safety Management and EPA requirements are what drive the need for our ValvKeep® asset managementsoftware. ASME and the National Board Inspection Code are the cornerstone of our Quality Program and our commitment to continual improvement. We provide assistance in training customer employees, identifying process safety information, managing information pertaining to process equipment, process hazard analysis, and the onerous requirements for mechanical integrity. Our industry leading ValvKeep® asset management software insures complete documentation and compliance assistance for all pressure relief valve services provided as required by OSHA.

C&K South Corporate Vision Statement

We will be the leading provider of quality and innovative solutions for pressure and flow control equipment to a global market while ensuring corporate integrity, employee safety, and customer loyalty